Draftbit Experts

Hire our handpicked internal team of designers, engineers, and builders to accelerate your Draftbit project. Starting at $500 / mo.

Why hire an Expert?

Move Faster

No one knows how to build apps like our team. We've launched MVPs in days, and with our team on your side, you can too.

Level Up Your Draftbit Game

Our experts can help you explore and implement advanced features and complicated designs or logic.

Guaranteed by Draftbit

Unlike other places, we don't outsource our experts work. Our team is trained and works for us, and we stand by their work.

An Expert for every need.

Designs & UI

If you have designs or wireframes, our experts can implement them for you or help you refactor them to be ready for mobile apps.


We can create a backend for your app, including database, logic, and external integrations.


Many apps require integrations with external services for analytics, error tracking, billing, and more.

Custom Code

Draftbit's custom code features are powerful and unlock many experiences you may want to add to your app. Experts help evaluate what's possible and bring those things to life in code.

Expert Pricing

You bring the vision and we'll build everything else.


$2k/ mo

A part-time expert working alongside you.

Shared team of experts.

8 hours per week

Slack Coordination


$4k/ mo

A part-time expert building your app.

Dedicated expert

20 hours per week

Slack Coordination

Bi-Weekly Sprint Planning


$7.5k/ mo

A full-time expert building your app.

Dedicated expert

40 hours per week

Slack & Zoom Coordination

Weekly Sprint Planning

Dedicated project manager


$12k/ mo minimum

A dedicated team to design and build your app & backend.

Dedicated team of multiple experts to build as fast as possible

Slack & Zoom Coordination

Multiple apps & projects

Dedicated project manager